Branding is about more than a good logo. To succeed as a business it requires a vision and an identity. Our branding and identity services comprehensively include strategy and positioning for brand marketing. We start by discovering your needs, aligning agendas and developing roadmaps to create the focus necessary to make a sustainable impact in your industry. The next part is simple, we design a logo based on your vision and create a distinct identity for your business.

Creating Your Brand:

  1. Gather personal information about who started your company and who your want to use your services or buy your goods, why your business began and why people should purchase your product or use your services, what your business does, when did it all start, how do you do what you do and where do you do it?
  2. Research competitors and similar brands to ensure you’re competing sufficiently and you stand out enough to be recognized among the crowd.
  3. Sketch a minimum of 3 initial designs to gain an idea of what the best look would be. You’ll choose which design you like best and we’ll create a brand around it.
  4. Making black and white vector logos so that when you decide to print materials or embroider shirts, the look is clean and easy to see and your cost is minimized.
  5. Colorize the black and white vector logo to your chosen color scheme. If you would like us to come up with a color scheme, we will research the best colors for your industry and provide you with a few options.
  6. Finalize logos in multiple formats ready for web and print marketing.

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